"Pocket Science" is a concept for an animated absurdist sci-fi comedy. Over the space of about a year, I created the concept, designed and incepted the characters, wrote a script for a pilot episode, created the storyboards, and began pitching it to networks.

"Pocket Science" is the story of Clay, a young, recklessly curious junior researcher who has to survive the bizarre and hostile inhabitants of a distant world in order to reach his goal of becoming a great scientist. He meets some zany friends along the way and learns to overcome his insecurities.
The Characters
If I had to summarize Clay in a word, it would be "curiosity". He wants to know how everything works, what everything is called, and what everything does. Clay is a field researcher - and it's his job to go out into the jungle planet and collect samples and do research. His deepest desire is to become a great scientist.
Clay's pocket is like a "Marry Poppins' magic bag": he can pull whatever tools/supplies/equipment he needs out of it. Clay's weakness, aside from being a little naive, is a lack of confidence. Sometimes he puts on a little fake moustache to make himself feel a bit more grown up. 
Gloo, a native of the jungle planet that our scientists are studying, is a goopy, deep thinking philosopher, obsessed with the ideas of death and the meaning of existence. He wanders the jungle with only 3 earthly possessions: a tea-cup, a book, and a pair of socks.
Cornelia is the overseer and manager of Research Pod 5. Despite her best intentions, she can be a little high strung and intimidating at times. She knows her stuff, and her job is to keep everybody in line - hanging back at the lab, crunching numbers and overseeing missions. She's got a weakness for chocolate - although she thinks nobody knows about it.
A native of the planet our scientists are researching, Pudding is a super cute, sentient plant-imal that has decided to live in Clay's Pocket. Due to his out-of-control cuteness, everyone tends to take him for granted. Little do they know, that pudding might be a dangerous, wild, alien creature that might snap and eat all of them at any moment.
Visual Development
3D Printed Gloo Toy
Storyboard Panels
Some Gloo Fan Art
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